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cad2blender August 11, 2012 15:35

Solidworks model into to mesh?
I have a swept wing that I made in Solidworks and would like to import it into Fluent so I can run some calculations such as lift and drag and various coefficients. For a 2D airfoil is it straight forward, but for a 3D wing it seems a bit more complicated. I have imported the model as a parasolid using workbench but I cannot see it in the geometry window, but I *can* see it in the mesh window. Another problem I am having is how should I mesh this thing? My first thought would be to create a sort of solid mold in Solidworks that would be used as a 3 dimensional C-Mesh, am I on the right track? Finally, just as a 2D airfoil I do not have to mesh the wing as this will be subtracted from the meshed 3D C-mesh, correct?

EDIT: I have managed to figure out it out, well most of it. I created a mold in solidworks that served as my domain, and have a hollow section inside, the wing, that serves as a wall for Fluent. I then meshed everything in Design Modeller, then imported that into Fluent The problem I am having is how to specify the inlet and the outlet in this region? I cannot seem to be able to select the faces I want in the meshed domain in Fluent, how do I go about doing this?

Rhyno466 August 12, 2012 13:10

You need to create named sections in the design modeler and/or the ansys meshing program. Use convenient names like inlet, outlet, and airfoil.

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