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fangdian August 13, 2012 04:37

the different result with different Amush
I use the VOF & solidfication and melting model these days. When I set the mushy zone constant Amush, I found it has different results with different Amush(the recomended value is 1e4~1e7) .
My problem like this :
A briquette steel lays on the bottom of a case with idea air. the solidus and liquidus temperature is set to 177K and 1793k. The pure solvent melting heat is 270e3J/kg.
there is no any heat soure in the system, and the system is initialized with room temperature 300K.
With small Amush ,1e4 for example, why the steel deform with enough time ?
With differnt Amush, the deformation of steel is differnt. The bigger Amush, the little more time needed with deformation.

sooroo3 November 26, 2012 09:25

I also did works by use of VOF & melting model in Fluent. Amush(morphology constant) looks like constant, but it has kg/(ms) as unit. As I know, Voller tested solidification behavior with variable Amush. By the way, when we look at Voller's or related papers, it is more easy to figure out what Amush is. As can be seen, it has same unit with dynamic viscosity. Thus, somehow we can image it as like draging. Increasing Amush, flow in mushy zone is quite tough to pass through it like dense liquid which pass through porous nozzle. Hope it help a bit.

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