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Niceman August 14, 2012 15:45

Gas cylinder filling
How should I set a pressure based boundary conditions for filling a gas cylinder? The inlet pressure is 250 bar which is the gauge pressure, then what should I put for total pressure?

Touré August 14, 2012 23:29

Click on "Boundary conditions"
Select the inlet boundary
Choose mass-flow-inlet or pressure-inlet
Set the parameters in mass-flow-inlet or pressure-inlet

Niceman August 15, 2012 16:26

Thank Toure for your reply. I did it but the pressure increases slowly when I put the results of my experiments. I should put high mass flow rate in order to have pressure increase according to my test which is not realistic. When I use pressure inlet BC the static pressure is 250 bar but I don't know what to set for total pressure. I do not have any estimate for Mach number changes with time.

Touré August 15, 2012 19:33

In your "Pressure Inlet" box, your Gauge total pressure is 250 bar (if it is the relative pressure to the atmospher).
The problem is the "Operating conditions". I don't know if it's possible to choose a point at the inlet and give the pressure of 250 bar.

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