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hamid1 August 21, 2012 13:49

calculating shear rate
Haw can i calculate shear rate in cfd-post, or in fluent,?
and what is the meaning of velocity u.gradient y ?

thanks so much

blackmask August 22, 2012 05:08

you can find it in fluent via contours ... -> derivatives ... -> strain rate

velocity dot gradient y = velocity component in y-direction

hamid1 August 22, 2012 05:31

thank you so much, yes it works, .. however I am wondering if still I can use "velocity u.gradient y" as "dUx/dy" in CFD-Post, if so, would you please let me know why the unit does not pop up in drop down menu in cfd-post for "velocity u.gradient y"
Thank you again

blackmask August 22, 2012 21:56

Sorry, I thought you were asking an mathematical expression $u\cdot\nabla y$ which results in the y-component of velocity. In CFD-Post, "velocity u.gradient y" is a CEL expression and represents "dUx/dy", as you have mentioned.

You should click the ellipsis (..., indicating more variables) beside the drop-down list to get this variable.

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