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i2a August 29, 2012 16:29

Premixed Combustion Tutorial (plz help)
Hello Everyone,

I was looking for a tutorial on premixed combustion modeling e.g there was a tutorial for fluent 6.3 entitled

"Tutorial: Premixed Combustion in a Conical Chamber using
the Zimont (mean progress variable based) Model"

I have managed to get the pdf but I cant really find the case file. If somebody has it then please email that to

Thanks a lot

Purushottam More October 22, 2015 12:01

premixed zimont model
I am a newer in premixed combustion. When I use the FLUENT to modeling, I am confusing about the premixed combustion using Zimont with G-equation model in FLUENT. I can't find where can I specify the mixture(methane-air) equivalence ratio or about the mixture materials.
Anyone knows how to solve it ? Please help me. Thanks in advance! This question is confusing me several days!
Best regards!

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