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kharnabnew August 30, 2012 07:50

Eulerian-Eulerian + DPM
Hi all,
It is known that the DPM injections interact with the continuous phase. In case DPM is combined with Eulerian-Eulerian model, how would the discrete phase interact with the multiphase model phase (keeping in mind that one of them is continuous and the others are secondary phases)?
Also, if I have an interface between phases resulting from the Euleriam model calculations, is it possible to set this interface as an escape boundary condition for the DPM?
How would the separation efficiency obtained from the DPM calculation?
Thanks in advance

HyperNova June 27, 2015 04:45

hi friend,
have you managed to solve your problem? i am modelling bubble plume and i need to use DPM and Eulerian together, but it seems they can not work together :confused::confused::confused::confused:

kharnabnew June 27, 2015 05:00

Eulerian + DPM
You can combine DPM and the Eulerian-Eulerian models. Please, refer to the limitations of such combination in the documentation.

HyperNova June 27, 2015 07:18

thank you very much for reply,
is there any special limitation that you remember ? please i need help :confused::confused: i don't know why solving of my problem doen not proceed and diverged in the first iteration.
VOF shares energy equation between phases , but i think Eulerian solves energy equation for each phase separately.

kharnabnew June 28, 2015 01:04

Try to use very low under-relaxation factors. Try to start with a realistic flow field.
I don't think the limitations are causing the divergence

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