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ndabir August 30, 2012 20:12

convergence problem
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Hi all,

I have problems in getting convergence for an unsteady simulation. the continuity residuals do not fall down below 4*10^-3.
changing URF's does not make a difference. what surface monitors can I use to check convergence? since there is no steady state solution for my problem, every quantity like pressure and velocity will change in domain. how can I deduce convergence from surface monitors? Below is the picture of the residuals.
any ideas?

Jinglz August 31, 2012 15:48

It is going to depend on your simulation. Typically, I monitor mass/volume flow rates across boundaries. Unsteady simulations are usually a little more difficult to judge convergence based on residuals.

ndabir September 1, 2012 03:07

I don't have any mass flow rate. my problem is a bubble collapse simulation. I cannot check pressure or velocity in domain since it is changing constantly. I don't now if my simulation is converged or not?

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