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chrischensong August 31, 2012 08:26

Gridgen periodic boundary conditions in Fluent
Hi all,

I have generated a 3-D mesh with rotational periodic boundary conditions in Gridgen and imported it into Fluent. Everything is fine if I use serial in Fluent. But once I want to use parallel, the mesh cheking will fail. The message is like this: Warning: Number of nodes read does not match number referenced . Resetting counter to match the number referenced.

Does anyone has this problem before?

If anybody knows how to solve this problem, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

chrischensong September 1, 2012 23:22

Finally, I solve it. The mesh generated in Gridgen with periodic boundary conditions could not be recognized well in Fluent due to the poles were used in my case. It can be found by importing the mesh into Gambit.

One easy way to solve it is to use TUI in Fluent 6.3, Grid>modify-zones>repair-periodic. There will be no problem in Fluent parallel solver anymore.

Anyway, I believe it may be a compatibility problem of different software since Gridgen is not designed only for Fluent. Welcome to discuss.

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