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blaid August 31, 2012 11:21

biomass combustion using DPM
I am trying to simulate the combustion of coal particles using DPM.
Let say that:
the fuel particles are injected in the combustion chamber then the devolitalisation will takeplace

1. coal > volatiles + char.

the gas phase and heterogeneous reactions will takeplace.

2. volatiles + o2 > co2 +h2o.
3. c(s) +o2 > co2.

Instead of using the above reaction of volatiles I want to define many gas phase reactions by using species transport model for the follwing species co2,co, ch4, h2, tar. Do I need to define the following reaction in the gas phase to get the mass fractions of these species which will lead to form the reactions of the gas phase?

4. volatiles > a1 co2 +a2 co +a3 ch4 +a4 h2 +a5 Tar.

please your help will be appreciated.
Best wishes

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