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snh August 31, 2012 13:32

Exothermic Reaction Modeling in Fluent

I am trying to model a reactor in FLUENT in which an exothermic reaction is taking place. The reactor has an inlet from which the the oxidizer is injected into a molten fuel present in the reactor. I have tried modeling this reaction using the eddy dissipation model present in the species transport modeling. But when I run the simulation there is no elevation in temperature after the reaction takes place.
I have tried several times but got no better results. I got satisfactory results only once when the peak temperature in the reactor was found to be around 4000K but the files got overwritten. I tried running the simulation with same inputs but there was either no product formation or the temperature in the reactor remained the same (i.e. 873K initial temp in the reactor).

Can anyone help me out with this ? :confused:

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