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gautamcfd September 3, 2012 10:56

Calculation of Time Average of FLUENT data in CFD-Post
Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding calculation of time average of any variable in CFD-Post for the transient data from FLUENT simulations. In particular, I performed LES simulations in FLUENT and during the course of the entire run, I have exported all the variables to CFD-Post at specified time steps. The total number of CFD-Post transient files total to around 300.

Now, I would like to calculate the time average of say "subgrid eddy viscosity" in CFD-Post (using something like below) for entire 3D domain (even along certain lines would suffice) using those 300 files.

for (time_step =1; time_step < total_steps; time_step ++)
sum = sum + mu_t ;
mu_t_avg = sum/total_steps;

Is it possible to write a macro for this in the command editor. If so, it would be very helpful if someone can kindly post any such macro that they have used.

Thanks a lot for the help!


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