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Annka September 7, 2012 03:32

Display vapor/liquid phase
Hey there,

I have a problem displaying the vapor and liquid phase of my fluid.
I simulate the evaporation of R245fa (NIST-real gas), this is (hopefully) possible because of an UDF (at T_saturation phase-change from liquid to vapor phase and back).
Now I would appreciate to see if it works... As long as I use the panel "mixture" it is possible to switch between the liquid and gas phase. But now it is not...
Anyone an idea how I can display it? I was searching for a parameter which is different in liquid/gaseous phase...

Thanks in advance :)

pranab_jha September 7, 2012 08:51

I do not know about mixture model, but with VOF, you can use the contour of a phase with Volume fraction = 0.5 corresponding to the interface between two phases. Hope that helps.

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