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snh September 11, 2012 02:50

Liquid Metal Combustion in an enclosed geometry

I am trying to model a reaction model in which the liquid metal is used as a fuel and a gaseous oxidizer is used. The liquid metal is placed in an enclosure and the oxidizer is injected into the molten metal. The reaction products that are formed are in solid state. The problem specifications are as below:

1. Initially the molten metal is at a temperature of 873K and is present in a reactor with small inlet for oxidizer injection.
2. The oxidizer is injected into the molten metal at a specified mass-flow/velocity.

I need to find out the mass fractions of the reactants and products after specified time intervals and the temperature in the reactor.

Please suggest if I should use species transport model or non-premixed combustion model for reaction modeling. Which multiphase model should I use to model the various phases?

I have run several simulations using the species transport- eddy dissipation model but I need to have a model where I can define oxidizer injection. Can anyone suggest me any tutorials or source other than fluent tutorial guide where I can get the idea of modeling liquid metal combustion.

I have used the VOF model for multiphase modeling but later found out that reactions cannot be modeled when VOF is used. :confused:

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