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er.mkumar September 13, 2012 09:09

Hydrogen Storage in Porous Media
Dear All,

I have been working on this problem for 2 months now. Having gone through many posts on this forum has definitely increased my understanding but yet I have not been able to solve my problem.

Kindly help !
My problem : A unsteady state model

1) An annular cylinder filled with porous media (por = 0.5) which shall store Hydrogen as Metal Hydride.
2) Hydrogen enters through inner mantle area @ fixed pressure of 10 Bar say (how do one fix this inlet condition).
3) There is heat generation term which is dependent upon rate of reaction (dx/dt where 'x' is concentration at adjacent 'time-step'; I'm using [ C_UDSI(c,t,0) - C_UDSI_M1(c,t,o) ] to find out 'dx' part).
4) Outer surface has Convective boundary condition to dissipate heat generated.

1) How to fix inlet pressure criteria fixed @ say 10 Bar
2) How to be sure that there is no major pressure drop in the model. (I tried various models: pressure inlet, velocity, mass flow rate; But none showed my actual pressure at inlet while post-processing.
3) Post processing : How to track temp, pressure & rate of advancement (I'm using 'mass weighted avg' type for tracking these changes usinging surface monitors by selecting 'default interior' )

Seeking desperate help !

With Warm regards,

harsh_999 August 17, 2013 08:30

Hi Mukesh,
I hope U've got d answer to each of ur query.
I am also facing same problems & exploring forum

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