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Jaeson September 23, 2012 15:27

Setting up a 3DDP Fluent Model
Good Evening,

I'm using Fluent/Gambit to model the flow of cryogenics through a series of etched plates that form a long path for the fluid. The intent is to force a large drop in the pressure of the fluid which in turn would force a drop in temperature.

I've finished the model in Gambit, but need some advice on how to set up Fluent properly to observe this behavior and see if the pressure drop that occurs is sufficient (settings, etc.)

Could anyone offer some advice on how to set up a scenario like this in Fluent?

shk12345 September 25, 2012 11:15

Just paste your model geometries here so that it is easy to understand then what you really wanna do.


Jaeson September 26, 2012 21:01

Here's an image of the full model:

Cryogenic fluids (LO2 or LH2) enter the system at a prescribed mass flow rate at the pipe in the back of the image, flow through 40 chambers, and exit through a larger diameter pipe depicted in the front.

The inlet is designated Mass_Flow_Inlet in FLUENT, with the exit designated as Outflow, as I need to see the system alter the fluid's pressure and temperature on its own.

Jaeson October 4, 2012 08:46

After trying to run the model in Fluent as a 2-Eqn system, it appears that the boundary between the last chamber and the exit pipe are not connected, as the flow comes to a dead stop at that region.

However, checking the model in Gambit, I do believe the areas are connected and flow should be passing through. Can anyone deduce from the images below what my problem might be?

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