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mashiro September 24, 2012 08:04

Export data FLUENT 14
I can not write Cd multi line when I run parallell and chose time "transient".

It's show

""Drag Convergence"
"Flow Time" "Cd"
3.87500e-02 1.61505e+03

when I chose time"steady"

"Drag Convergence"
"Flow Time" "Cd"
1.00000e-02 1.09653e+02
2.00000e-02 -5.27841e+00
3.00000e-02 -4.84571e+01
4.00000e-02 -6.28311e+01
5.00000e-02 -1.34413e+02
6.00000e-02 -2.63939e+02

I need to write in Cd file same steady. Thank you.

Crank-Shaft December 3, 2012 04:19

You could try changing the write option to time-step so that you collect data at each time-step. I have used both flow time and time-step on the independent axis and never had a problem. You should share additional information about your simulation so that someone can recognise any problems and advise accordingly.

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