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chiwonkim October 3, 2012 01:54

dymanic mesh does not work!!!
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i have strugle with dynamic mesh problem.

i need to analyze the oscillating plate in a speaker.

To do this, I used dynamic mesh with 'DEFINE_GRID_MOTION' udf.

The motion works well, but mesh problem occurs.

Although layering (split factor = 0.4, collapse factor = 0.2) option was activated the mesh did not created or destroied, just stretching.

how can i solve this situation?

i captured my problem and attatched it.

my dynamic mesh zone setting follows

1. air : rigid body (zero velocity CG motion) <- i doubt this setting
2. right boudnary(oscillating) : udf('DEFINE_GRID_MOTION' )

please, allow to know me.

thank you

mvee October 3, 2012 06:30


Can you specify the face significance - how does it behave and move.
First of all create block mesh to use layering option.

If the motion is like piston-cylinder then specify top and/or bottom face as deform. Also specify UDF to right face. This should work. No need to define any condition for air domain.

Best wishes

sadjad.s October 6, 2012 09:29

hi mate
recheck the dimensions.
for example if cell dimension near moving wall is 1cm*1cm, you should adjust "Cell Height" value in meshing options to 1cm.

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