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sagila October 3, 2012 16:11

WALL thermal condition = CONVECTION
Dear all,

I have to choose “convection” as the thermal condition for my WALL boundary condition.

Then, what shall be used for “heat transfer coefficient (W/m2.K)”? Does it mean “convection heat transfer coefficient (h)” or “overall heat transfer coefficient (U)”?

Another question: when a wall thickness is defined and there is NO shell conduction, shall I define “heat transfer coefficient” and “free stream temperature” on the wall surface and zone which is NOT facing my fluid zone?

Thanks in advance.

sagila October 4, 2012 00:53

Dear All,
I would appreciate if anyone could help me.

mvee October 4, 2012 01:43

In order to take care of wall conduction, you'll have to user 'U' otherwise consider 'h'.

sagila October 4, 2012 02:08

Hi Mahesh,
Thank you for your reply.
Do you mean I should use "U" for my second question, otherwise I should use "h"?

mvee October 4, 2012 03:26

When you define wall thickness in Fluent, use 'h', if not then use 'U'.

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