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snh October 8, 2012 13:08

Heterogeneous Reaction

I have already posted in forum regarding my problem. The link is as mentioned below

I want to simulate the reaction between Li and SF6 to find out the temperature profile in the reactor at different times. The reactant "Li" is already present in the enclosed reactor and "SF6" is injected through a nozzle. My problem is how do I input in FLUENT that a certain amount say 2kg of Li is already present in the reactor.

I tried using the patch option in initialize...I patched Lithium to the interior...but the patch option for species is in mass fraction..when I patch the interior with Li mass fraction of 1 and take the volume integral of species mass fraction I get the total mass of lithium to be 5grams...

Is the approach that I am using correct ? Can I give mass fraction in patch greater than 1 (though technically seems incorrect) ??

Please help!

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