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Blue October 10, 2012 03:31

Is diffusion is possible through VOF model of Fluent?
I have to simulate intermixing phenomenon inside a tank. Tank is a rectangular in shape have one inlet at top and three outlets at bottom. Tank has particular quantity of water inside. Concentrated water (tracer) is coming through inlet and after mixing in tank water+tracer is coming out through bottom outlets. Due to inflow rate, free surface height of tank is increasing. I have to monitor tracer concentration and free surface height of water inside tank. My questions (a) VOF model is for immiscible fluids, so is it possible to diffusion or mixing of water and tracer(concentrated water) if this model is not appropriate then which model I should use which have mixing and free surface height calculation.

Thank you

coglione October 10, 2012 04:21

You may define your liquid phase as mixture of two components (h2o & tracer). Patch zero initial massfraction for tracer, set a non-zero massfraction for tracer at your inlet and record the concentration in the mixing device over time.


Blue October 10, 2012 05:40

Thank you very much..can u explain more..

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