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wunan805 October 10, 2012 05:06

problem in glass radiation model (DO model)
Hi, everyone

I'm working on a glass radiation model in a closed domain with FLUENT, in which the temperature of glass will reduce gradually. The wall of the closed domain is adiabatic and there are a group of "heaters" attached on it to reduce the temperature. A fan is posed in the closed domain. The initial temperature of the glasses is 833K and the temperature boundary of the "heaters" is 713K.

In fluent, the steady model is utilized and I adopt k-e turbulent model, DO radiation modle and energy model with the default parameters.

I use velocity inlet and out flow boundary to present the fan. Utilize bossineq model in air density.

Use all-zone initial condition: pressure-0, velocity-0.001, temperature-833K.

There are some problems in the result. As the interation grows, the temperature of the glass is reduced gradually and finally the center temperature is lower than edge. But due to the poor heat conduction of glass, I think the center temperature should be higher. I don't know why the result like this. Maybe some errors exit in the cas.

Thank you for your attention!

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