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faudiS8 October 18, 2012 05:40

calc. the area
hi everybody
my question is simple and related to * Post processing*

I need to find out the area of some contours so I'd defined some lines around that contour. When I select area from the report>Integral section I get some data in m^2 but I see sth also on lines !!!!
for example:

Area (m2)
-------------------------------- --------------------
line-30 0.0021747048
line-45 0.046047103
line-46 0.0065447385
line-48 0.011994876
line-49 0.0098402742
line-50 0.01098059
line-51 0.039573275
line-52 0.016421316
line-53 0.006466188
line-54 0.035493616
line-67 0.0030042231
---------------- --------------------
Net 0.18854091
I cannot find out what exactly is the numbers on lines!!!
Is the net value equal to the area I limit with these lines?!
I doubt about it!!!!:confused:


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