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Glare October 21, 2012 12:08

Need help : natural convection in inclined convergent channel
hello all, first of all, sorry for my bad english
im still newbie here and hope to get some help :)

i have some problem on inclined convergent channel system.
The system has 2 inclined wall with same temperatur (i set 332K for both wall). The bottom & top temperatur is set to 300K. The bottom side is inlet and the top side is outlet. What boundary condition should i choose for top & bottom? is that true if i set the top & bottom side of system is set to pressure outlet & pressure inlet?

In material panel, i set density properties to boussinesq, should i change its value (default value = 0)?

When i have convergence problem, i try to change the under relaxation factor, i decrease it gradually until the residual almost constant. Is there any limit value in decreasing uder relaxation factor?

Any help would be very useful to me, thanks :)

msaeedsadeghi October 21, 2012 12:31

1- Don't change fluent default values without information
2- You should define that density value. Set the density. Zero is incorrect.
3- If you have a natural convection in a closed box, all boundary conditions should be as wall.
4- Natural convection is highly sensitive to mesh size. change it to get a good result.

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