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Venk October 23, 2012 02:39

Adiabatic boundary condition in Fluent
Hello everyone,
I am not an expert of CFD & numerical treatments....but trying to understand physically...I have a question related to adiabatic wall BC.

When we say adiabatic wall, the normal flux (Temperature gradient normal to the wall is ZERO) is 0. This means

the solver will place an imaginary node outside wall boundary (which is not in the meshed domain) and then implement zero flux? This way, it still will calculate the temperature on the wall..
the very first node (into the fluid domain) from the wall and the nodal temperature on the wall are both one and same to maintain flux zero, and subsequent temperature gradient zero? This means, it will stop calculating temperature values with the very first node from the wall into the fluid domain, and assign the same temperature values to the nodes on the wall?
Please pour in your thoughts...I want to know what Fluent is doing..
Thanks in advance:)

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