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deepak_jain October 24, 2012 06:34

Modelling strecthing/shrinking plate in FLUENT
I need to solve the following problem numerically and I thought FLUENT will be a good option .

Problem statement: Flow of viscous incompressible, fluid over a generalized strecthing/shrinking wall.

For the start I prepared a rectangular domain as my flow domain and now while specifying the boundary conditions I was little confused.

The research paper I am referring gives the following BC'ns

for the bottom wall it gives
u(x) = ax+b
v = constant (can be +ve or -ve)

at the far field the fluid is quiescent ... so i suppose for the upper boundary i will have to give u=0 and v=0

I am not able to figure out what to give at the inlet and the outlet also do i need to use UDF for the bottom wall velocity condition and is it a moving mesh problem.

I would also like to know whether openFoam would be easier in this regards??
I was trying to attach the reference paper but seems its too large size...please guide me in this regards.

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