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S1m0n1 October 29, 2012 15:38

I am trying to inject small particles of carbon into a 2D room. I have two inlets, both in the bottom left of the rectangle and the outlets are on the top and right side. One is on the bottom and one is on the side. I set the particle to carbon with a diameter of 1m. When I do this, shouldn't I be able to see the particles drop to the bottom because of how big they are? When I change the particle size from 1m to 1e-09m, they both follow the same trajectory. In reality, the big particle should fall to the floor while the small one would follow the flow of air and I'm not sure why I am unable to see this happening.

When I plot the particle and fluid I plot the velocity stream function to see the paths and they both follow one another. For my injection, I chose carbon to be inert and release from both inlets. I checked scale flow rate by face area and inject using face normal direction.

Sorry if this is a bit confusing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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