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adrian.aguayo October 30, 2012 12:18

Water Heater (Gas) Simulation
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Dear users,

Hi everyone, Ive been trying to perform a simulation of a gas-fired water heater without success. Ive modeled two cell zones (combustion products and water) in a CAD software and then I did the assembly. In the ANSYS Geometry module Ive changed the domain to "fluid" for both parts and Ive also created one part of them (1 part, 2 bodies) to perform the interaction among them.

In FLUENT Ive applied "shell conduction" in the area of interaction of two fluids. I dont know what is happening, but when I get the results there is no exchange of heat between the fluids, can anybody give an answer or idea??? Ive attached an image...

adrian.aguayo November 1, 2012 19:55

I really need help, I know it isnt a big problem but Im begginer in the CFD world. I have tried several ways and still no heat exchange between the domains. Even, I have created a contact pair in ANSYS meshing, but nothing.... HELP!

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