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nerwar October 31, 2012 03:18

I have a question about breakup
My work now is to invest simulate droplet breakup by UDF, and want to know how to make one droplet become several droplets, espesially want how identfy these new droplets. After looking for functions in head files, and then found that there is a function named 'Spawn_Particle'. I guess it may be the one i want. But I don't konw the meanings of arguments in this function. So I need someone Help.
full declaration: Particle * Spawn_Particle(Tracked_Particle *p, Particle *pn, real x[], real, real, cxboolean);
from dpm_path.h

shaham June 3, 2015 01:07

Did you find any answer to your question? I need to use that function as well.

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