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Chipsgrottel October 31, 2012 13:01

2D contour display freezes FLUENT
Hello everybody,

I am running a set of 2D simulations in steady RANS under FLUENT with mesh sizes around 300,000 cells. These converge quite fast, but when comes the time to display my results, everything slows down and I have some display issues I never had before with much more complex 3D simulations.

When it does not simply freeze with the mention (Not Responding) in the head bar, it takes for ever to complete the simplest tasks, like zooming or translating the view.
And even with the option "filled" checked, I just see colors on the edges of my cells :

Based on your experience, do you think my problems can come from a mesh problem ? Or Fluent options ? Or Hardware issues (which I doubt since I can display planes in 3D simulations that are over 8 million cells).

Any help will be welcome,
Thank you for your attention !

Chipsgrottel June 11, 2015 17:27

By the way, if anybody encounters the same issue, it is actually very silly.
Just make sure all the surfaces are unselected when displaying a contour in 2D.

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