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tareqkh November 2, 2012 20:56

2-D Centrifugal Pump
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I have 2-D centrifugal pump design (by gambit).......

I have a pressure distribution and velocity distribution how i can calculate a radial thrust force for the impeller and drawing the relation between radial thrust force and Q/Qo using fluent..

Pump Specification

Attachment 16608

Pressure distribution

Attachment 16604


Attachment 16605

Velocity distribution

Attachment 16606

Difference between Stepanoff and CFD

Attachment 16607

Regards for all

cfd seeker November 3, 2012 03:34

Please show us your mesh file?

tareqkh November 3, 2012 07:16

Meshing the pump
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Is it possible to clarify your question more???

Meshing pump using Gambit

Attachment 16623

cfd seeker November 3, 2012 14:56


Is it possible to clarify your question more???
I want to see your mesh as I feel the contour plots are not right according to my experience in turbomachinery CFD. Also zoom the mesh so that I can clearly see the mesh in the critical areas

ragothsingh November 5, 2012 06:22

Impeller performance
How to draw graph for H/H0 and Q/Q0.
Please guide to select values

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