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yahya November 5, 2012 19:59

how to control the number of particles ejected using DPM?
I'm trying to eject droplet particles using DPM technique, however, I couldn't find the way to determine the number of particles to be ejected?
Can anyone help me regarding this matter? and If I can't determine the number of particles what else I can control ?

Mat_fr November 9, 2012 05:21

In the Discrete Phase Model window, you go to "injections", and you create a new one.
In the Set Injection properties window, you have the following box : "Number or particle streams", which is fixing the number of p. to inject for your simulation.
Be careful to the difference between steady and unsteady tracking !



kingpots November 21, 2012 12:31

@ Mat_ : do You know how the injected mass flow rate is determined during the injection , as it is a bit confusing for the case of the unsteady tracking , we do have Particle time step size , number of steps , and the start stop injection time

tienmanhnguyen October 13, 2013 13:10

dear Yahya, do you know how to enable the "droplet" in "set injection properties" tab, since the "droplet" is not available in my case. thanks a lot.

yahya October 13, 2013 13:40

Well if you want you can communicate with me through facebook or skype?
Because i dont understand ur question clearly
Its ok for you?

tienmanhnguyen October 13, 2013 19:56

Dear Yahya, thank you so much for concerning my problem. however I think I just need to ask you whether I have to turn on "species transport model" to be enable to turn on "droplet" option in "set injection properties" tab. since I did it and it worked. thanks in advance.

yahya October 13, 2013 20:06

I think if u just enabled the DPM model it will directly enabled the droplet
The things that you need to do is to define primary phase then the seconadry phases (droplets) then after defining the droplets materials in the set injections you should see the droplet with the type of material you wish to use (any of the secondary phases) tell me your progress and im ready to help you regarding the DPM, since im done with this issue

yahya October 13, 2013 20:13

Well i dont think you need to use this species model to enable them, i dont remember that i used it

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