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arkie87 November 7, 2012 16:15

Setting Density for Velocity Inlet Face
My problem involves a velocity inlet which is supposed to supply a desired mass flow rate.

However, my problem also includes one UDS, which is used to get the density field through a UDF. Fluent seems to be taking the density of the cells adjacent to the velocity inlet to evaluate density on the inlet face instead of using the value of the UDS specified.

I tried defining my own flux UDF for the UDS; however, i cannot adjust the way fluent calculates flux for the continuity and momentum equations, so this solution is not sufficient.

In addition, switching to a mass flow rate inlet condition will not solve the problem since the incorrect density will result in the incorrect velocity.

Accordingly, the best solution seems to be to set the correct density on the inlet face (that way all calculations done internally by fluent with this density are correct).

However, i am hesitant to simply define a user adjust or execute on end because i am worried fluent will overwrite my correction internally.

How do i specify density on inlet face/how do i change the way fluent calculates density on the inlet face?


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