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arch mona November 9, 2012 21:31

question about importing a SAT file
hi every body ,
I am architect, new in cfd work and I want to simulate natural ventilation in a building but I have a problem in converting dwg (3d) & revite files to ansys fluent , I exported the file into sat format and Imported it into ansys fluent but the program read walls as mesh so how can I convert the file correctly ?

Thank u all

Far November 10, 2012 07:03

where did u make the mesh?

arch mona November 10, 2012 19:22

thank you for reply

I am asking about how to make the mesh as I want to study natural ventilation throw a building .

Far November 10, 2012 19:26

Use ansys meshing or ICEM CFD to make the mesh

arch mona November 10, 2012 19:28

I exported the file into sat format only :( and I dont know wat is the next step ?

arch mona November 10, 2012 19:48

so the mesh must be drawn , wat about walls the program traet with them as mesh and wat about furniture I should remove it from mesh ?
sorry for questions but I need to understand :( and thank you

jasdeep2006singh November 12, 2012 09:27

You need to make control volume, would be about 15 times the dimension horizontally and 5 times up and down. then while meshing, or if you can do in 3d modelling software itself, subtract (boolean operation) the building from the control volume. You will end up with a big box with building shaped hole inside. then mesh that box, define inlet, outlet and walls.
Hope this helps !

arch mona November 12, 2012 13:01

many thanks
I will try that and thank you so much :)

jasdeep2006singh November 13, 2012 02:10

Also, since in your case it is a building, there will be no dimension below (obviously), the building will be on one wall. i keep space everywhere in wing study and stuff like that...

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