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nurul efha November 12, 2012 04:57

Gasification modelling using non-premixed combustion
Hello everybody,
I'm simulating gasification using Non-Premixed Combustion and DPM. In this forum, I want to ask about my problem.
First, the char conversion 24% (is very low). Do you have any suggestion to get higher conversion by using non-premixed combustion?
I've been simulated this by laminar finite rate model in same test condition (T=367K; P=1atm;Size particle = 25 micrometer; loading factor = 0.933 kg coal/kg gas) and char conversion 99.99%.
Second, can we use wet combustion in Non-Premixed Combustion?
Then, am I right if I think that liquid in wet combustion means water added (not moisture content of coal)?
If I want to inject steam to gasifier, what should I set?

Hopefully your answer. Thanks.

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