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didiean November 12, 2012 21:39

How to use loop statements in FLUENT journal?
I have finished some unsteady calculation. Then I want to export some results using Fluent journal. It is a cumbersome work if I just copied the same journal for so many times.
As names of the files are organized, such as 50,100,150,^, is it possible to use loop statements in Fluent journal?
Any suggestion is appreciated. Thank you.

blackmask November 14, 2012 06:00

Sheme does what you want, and examples can be found in the attachment of this wiki item ( I am sick of so many parentheses in scheme that I do not believe I can master this language. So I simply use Python or similar script language (instead of copy&paste) to generate the fluent journal files.

FluidWarrior December 13, 2017 02:57

Python and Scheme Loops
if you want to use Python you have to use the Wokbench/Fluent interface which is a Python/Scheme interface, otherwise you can do you code in Scheme.

Both cases are described here:

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