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dimar November 14, 2012 15:11

Can't calculate simple convection
I'm not an expert in Fluent, all I want is to calculate convection for vertical cylinder in air

Created simple 2 body model: cylinder (solid) and body of air (fluid) around (another big cylinder). Meshed and assign inlet/outlet to bottom/top of air cylinder

In Fluent I got two cell zones (cylinder and air) and bunch of some "interiors". One wall "wall-air". Assigned to cylinder cell zone heat source (constant flux), to inlet/outlet - pressure inlet/outlet. Calculate.

Nothing, energy doesn't transfer from cylinder to air

Tried another approach with cylinder and enclosure - got even more "contact region" surfaces and many walls with same result

I have been reading manual for 4 days already and didn't get a slightest clue how to make it right. Can anybody point me into the right direction?

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