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Negin_Salehi November 16, 2012 16:53

Problem in Journal File
Can anybody explain what is the meaning of something like ,,,,, n n n n in a boundary condition?
I am writing a journal file, I would like to set a property for a mixture. How can I have access to a property of a mixture using a journal file?
Thanks guys,


LuckyTran November 16, 2012 20:29

If you have it, check out the fluent help file and look at the section on TUI (text user input).

Whenever Fluent is prompting for an input (in both GUI and TUI) pressing comma (,) or enter will accept the default value for the prompt. n is short for no. y is short for yes. Hence, when you try to change a wall boundary condition, Fluent will ask you (in some specific order) all the boundary conditions and you must enter them.

In your case:
,,,,, n n n n
is equivalent to pressing enter 5 times and then answering no 4 times to whatever the prompts are. If you are writing a journal file then you need to know what order and how many prompts are going to appear so that you can anticipate your responses that you will provide.

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