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CCarl November 19, 2012 13:17

viewing surface perpendicularly

I am writing some script (for now trying in GUI to make this work) to make cross sections in a bended tube, look at them perpendicular (to see a circle, not an ellipse) and write to a jpg file.

I don't succeed in positioning the camera in fluent to look at the plane from a perpendicular point of view.

My procedure is the following:
1. mathematically I can derive the tangent, normal and binormal of the centerline of the tube (frenet frame). The tube cross section is always perpendicular to this centerline.
2. make plane with point and tangent of centerline (this is ok, I get a tube cross section)
3. camera target: coordinates of middle point of cross section
4. camera position: target - normal of plane
5. camera upvector: a vector in the cross sectional plane (I use the binormal).

Doing this I don't get a perpendicular view on the cross section. Fluent shows an ellipse instead of a circle. When rotating the view manually I can get a "circle view". Also I see that setting an upvector changes the target.

Any suggestions/help?


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