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Saran1991 November 20, 2012 18:29

Changing an interface to a wall boundary in FLUENT.
I'm currently in my final year of Mechanical Engineering and have been given a project which involves determining the lift and drag over an NACA 2408 airfoil. I've run into a bit of a problem. The airfoil is split into two sections renamed as contact regions. In the boundary conditions it's named both contact regions of the airfoil (upper and lower surfaces) as an interface. From my very limited experience I believe that in order to obtain the lift and drag I need these contact regions in the form of walls. Does anyone know how to do this? I apologise if this question seems quite basic but I just can't figure it out. I know I could start again but before I do I'd like to see if there is a way around this.

Thanks in advance.

vicarious November 21, 2012 02:11


The airfoil surfaces need to be treated as a no-slip boundary condition, so you need to change them as wall simply in the boundary conditions panel.

Saran1991 November 24, 2012 08:48

Thank you very much.

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