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jamesg3373 November 21, 2012 11:56

Simple convective flow - Or maybe not
Hi there! Any help would be appreciated on the following problem:

I have been spending quite a lot of time trying to replicate the results of a CFD study conducted by Natarajan Diwakar on behalf of Louis Michaud with the aim of creating a vortex generator.

The main part of this write-up can be read here:

I am fairly new to FLUENT, however I've completed all the tutorials available and am familiar with the UI, I also have a mechanical engineering degree (just to make the point that I'm not playing with something I have no idea how to use ;) ).

I am using pressure based solver, SIMPLEC, all secound order and the boussinesq approximation to determine the buoyancy (with a specific operating density of 1.225).

I have even tried what some people have suggested and done a number of iterations at a lower value for "g" and increased it - the only issue is that the problem (residuals) will not converge.

My mesh and geometry are good (as far as I can see).

Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated guys 'n' gals.

Thank you!

jamesg3373 November 22, 2012 04:34

Would love some help with this guys. Or maybe just a point in the right direction? Thanks.

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