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diamondx November 22, 2012 14:04

Dpm injection mass flow rate
Dear all
I have a question , kindly bear with me the following
If my injection flow rate is 1.5 g/s and particle time size is 0.001 (unsteady tracking ) No. of time size =1 i.e. the pulse of the injection will be short (1*0.001 ) the start and stop time of the injection was set to 0 -300 sec. and the no. of particles is 60 droplets

1) Fluent at each DPM injection is injecting the 1.5E-3 which is 1.5 *0.001 and this no. is not increasing , why ???

2) the Update DPM option is really affecting the convergence time , but what i don't understand is the relation btw that option and the famous graph of URF interphase exchange terms

3) in the best practice guide : they are saying to reduce the URF of DPM and increase the no of continous iterations per DPM iterations , which is totally contradictory with the 2 way couple strategy and to the above mentioned graph . i.e for the results to take effects the URF of DPM should be increased and the no. of iterations of the continous phase /DPM iteration to be reduced

Please advice

Thanks a lot in advance...

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