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nova23 November 24, 2012 06:13

Doubts regarding Boundary conditions
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I hope this is not considered as posting multiple threads for same query. I posted one in here for for doubts in meshing.

The problem and doubts I have:
1. The gas enters from the edge marked in pic with temp 500K and pressure of 100Pa. BC Type Pressure Inlet. There are 2 Gauge total pressure and Supersonic/Initial Gauge Pressure. Which one should I use?
2. The steam is at a temperature of 200K. BC Type Wall
3. I make the left and right edges periodic.
4. I do not know the exit conditions.
5. My objective is to find the solid wall temperature.

I created 3 materials in fluent because there are 3 zones - gas, steam and solid with different properties. Do I need 3 materials or just 2 is enough - steam and solid and give just temp. and pressure for flue gas?
The exit I tried to make Type as Outflow but I get this "Warning: Both outflow and pressure boundaries are present in the domain. This is an incompatibility and solution cannot proceed until this is fixed." So what type should I make exit as?
diamondx suggested mas flow inlet. I will try getting the mass flow, but for now assuming I go with Pressure inlet, can someone clarify my doubts?

nova23 November 26, 2012 07:25

Can someone help me???

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