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kozzney November 26, 2012 17:17

Discrete Ordinate Fluent Radiation Intensity/Heat Flux
Hi, I've been a long time lurker/searcher on these forums but I can't find a straight answer anywhere to my question (which I think should be simple...):

How do I see/get-the-data-into-a-spreadsheet the radiation heat flux distribution and radiation intensity distribution (for each direction) in my 2D plane-parallel discrete ordinates problem?

I'm working on a project for school and this is the first time I've ever used ANSYS, but I'm fairly certain I have set up and solved the discrete ordinates method correctly; I just can't get the results I need... I can plot and retrieve incident radiation, G, in a spreadsheet, but I need the intensity and heat flux distributions.

I have 2 plane-parallel black walls, separated by a 1cm distance, with that space filled with a participating solid media. I made the walls 10cm long, and then defined a periodic boundary condition on the sides.

Thanks for any help/advice, if any more info is needed, let me know!

Rami December 4, 2012 05:30

Hi kozzney,
  1. In order to get the surface heat flux of certain boundaries, you should plot them using the XY Plot menu, selecting Wall fluxes... for the Y axis Function. Define the specific function below (e.g., Radiation Heat Flux or otherwise), choose the X Axis Function and the desired BCs (note that for the Curve Length option for the x axis, you can choose a single BC at a time) and check the Write to File option. Click Write... and define the file name. You will get a text file that is readily imported to a spreadsheet.
  2. AFAIK, you have no direct access to the intensity field. Maybe this can be done by UDFs. Check the manuals.
  3. I referred above to the DO model. It may be different with other radiation models (S2S, DTRM,...).

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