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babak.mahjoub November 27, 2012 04:52

Question -> problem in transferring mesh into setup
Hi guys, Actually I'm an amateur user.
I generate mesh for a 2d analysis of flow over a cylinder with 29000 nodes, but when I enter Setup the mesh totally changed and it becomes a simple deformed mesh with only 555 nodes !!!! :confused:
Even I cant find the named selections I already entered, and they are chaned as well!
the cylinder diameter is 0.016m and surprisingly when I design in a bigger scale (for example D= 1m) there is no problem anymore.

thx in advanced :)

mosgef November 28, 2012 23:36

It could be a tolerance problem. If you say you don't have the issue when using a 'larger' mesh, just create the .msh file in units that don't give you a problem and then use the mesh--scale command to get your imported mesh into the correct units for your problem.

Far December 1, 2012 04:14

Can you provide the more details : e.g. Meshing software, method of meshing etc with some pics

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