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rsslnt November 29, 2012 06:17

Sloshing using VOF at High Loads
Dear Community,

Please offer help if you have exposure to simulating sloshing process at high pressure gradients.

I have a fuel tank with 100 psi pressure inside. I have to simulate the sloshing during the loading of 11g downward and 7g horizontal.I have provided acceleration in the operating conditions. Two questions are there:
1. Solution diverging even with small time step (0.0005)
2. Should I provide 100 psi in operating condition and initialize with 100 psi.

I think solution diverging due to adverse pressure gradient due to the high acceleration. How to overcome this problem?

Thank you,

sicfred November 29, 2012 13:13

I don't think the pressure is the problem.
Did you check the courant number? did you use the variable time step? maybe you should decrease, even more the time step.
Any way, 11g and 7g are VERY high loads, are they constant or time-depend?
I'm curius, under what conditions do you have these loads?

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