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samurai_01 November 29, 2012 16:37

Problem in obtaining final results
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Hi everyone,
I am a beginner in FLUENT, i am struck in obtaining results.
I am simulating 3d microchannel in fluent, i have obtained the results (contours, vectors) but am struck in following :
1. I am able to obtain vector fields but not able to obtain their contours. nor i am able to obtain velocity magnitude in any direction.( it says velocity in x/y/z direction is 0, but in vectors i am getting parabolic profile for flow and the values also).
2. how do i obtain Nusselt number/h/q along the z direction(longitudnal direction). (please see the figure attached for further details).
Any kind of hint is appreciated.....

sicfred November 30, 2012 10:39

1-I think your problem is that you are plotting the contours on the wall (that means 0 velocity), what you should do is define a middle plane (surface>>Plane), and then plot the contours of velocity on this plane.
2- The nusselt number is in contour of >> wall fluxes>> surface nusselt number

I hope it will help you

samurai_01 November 30, 2012 13:54

Thanks for your response...i will try and soon let you know..

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