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Explorer December 4, 2012 04:36

Periodic boundary condition - pipe flow -setting up heat transfer
Hi there,

i am trying to run a periodic flow of a part of a pipe. I chose the eights part of a pipe and set up the inlet and outlet as translational periodic and the long surfaces as rotational periodic and the curved surface as wall. After i defined the mass flow rate in translational direction and solved the flow and turbulence with the k-w SST model. It worked quite well and the pressure drop in the pipe part is nearly the same as calculated in the empirical model of Pethukov (<1% for Re=37000).

So after solving the flow and turbulence i turned off solution for flow and turbulence and turned on energy for the heat transfer solution.

Now i get the the message:

"turbulent viscosity limited to viscosity ratio of 100000 in 35400 cells"
"divergence detected in amg solver: temperature -> increasing relaxation sweeps!"
"primitive error at node 0: floating point exception"
"error: floating point exception"
"error object: #f"

What can i do now?
thanky guys

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