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vagaikwa December 8, 2012 23:48

Granular Temperature Model
Hi im modelling two phase flow in pipe with the use of granular temperature. I have defined all the parameters in the Phases menu. But after i iterate and when i see contours of all the parameters related to granular temperature, none of them shows any variation. It shows me blue throughout. Can anyone suggest anything in this respect? I think my G.T. is not getting evoked.

hityangsir December 9, 2012 04:07

Hi, vagaikwa. The G.T. can be solved in FLuent in two approaches: 1 to solve the PBE of G.T. 2. use the algebraic formulation (the default) It is obtained by neglecting convection and diffusion in the transport equation.
You can assign it in the phases panel with different models.
In your problem, I think the G.T. was invoked. Becuaes once the granular is selected in the Phases panel, G.T. must be calculated in either way. Maybe the problem is the contour range.
Hope to help

vagaikwa December 10, 2012 01:50

Thanks Richard. This is what i have done till now.
I am using PDE so that i can specify the Jhonson and Jackson condition at the wall in BC panel. Also im using the Eulerian phase model for 2 phases. I have solved this granular temp eqation using MATLAB solver and i need to comapre those with what I get in Fluent. But somehow im not able to get any profile for my GT. Please can you suggest.
I did check with the range too..i increased the levels upto 50but nothing can be seen.

hityangsir December 10, 2012 10:12

Hi Varad, thank u.
I think in your contour, you should click off the auto range and lower the maximum value. Maybe, you will find some changes. Or there is another way to check is to export the value of all cells into a txt file.
That is my suggestions. Hope u can find the problem soon.

vagaikwa December 10, 2012 10:29

Thanks Richard.
I did what u said. But the way its showing me the plot is not satisfactory.But yeah thanks for your help. I would hv to speak with my advisor to see what he says..

hityangsir December 12, 2012 04:50

Sorry that I couldnot help. Hope u resolve soon.

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