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fatirishman53 December 9, 2012 17:43

Flow Reversed from what is expected

I am running a simulation of a firebox and I have it configured as follows:

Inlet: pressure-inlet with 0 gauge pressure, initial velocity 0 m/s, and temperature of 300 K.

Outlet: pressure-outlet with 0 gauge pressure, initial velocity 0 m/s, and temperature of 400 K. (400 K is just an estimate to try to get flow moving in the correct direction)

Heat Source: wood at constant temperature of 922 K

Walls: steel at 300 K, adiabatic

Analysis method: Pseudo-Transient

What I am trying to do is allow FLUENT to begin heating air within the interior, making it more buoyant and flowing out of the outlet stack until a steady state condition is reached. However, for some reason it is flowing in from the outlet and out through the inlet. I've tried reducing flow area at the inlet and increasing flow area at the outlet, among trying other computation techniques. However, I haven't found out why the flow is reversed from what I know to be true in reality. If anyone could help me, I would certainly appreciate it!

By the way, the mesh is composed of > 400000 elements. Unfortunately, with the student version of the sofware, I cannot increase this much more.

thousand December 10, 2012 08:04

i think your inlet boundary condition isnt valid u should use velocity inlet with v=0

idil December 11, 2012 07:38

I'm struggling from the same issue, I have a micro reactor with velocity inlet= 5m/s pressure outlet =0 gauge p. nothing wrong with mesh. what should I do to fix it?

RodriguezFatz December 11, 2012 08:37

Can you post a picture, that shows all boundaries and boundary conditions?

fatirishman53 December 22, 2012 00:46

I found a solution to my issue. After doing some research using the help files, I found that using 0 gauge pressure B.C.'s is not preferable. So what I did is use a 1 Pa gauge pressure at each boundary. Then, I had use a user-specified bulk density. After making these changes, I was able to get a solution with the air moving in the correct direction. I have a feeling there were not enough specified parameters within my problem initialization to come up with a proper solution.

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