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IvanST December 18, 2012 10:17

Ahmed body drag coefficient
Hey there,

Anyone can help me with finding drag coefficient on the Ahmed Body.

Tell me if what I'm doing is wrong please:

1. Basically I created all the body and the air volume which is a rectangular block surrounding it on GAMBIT
2. Subtract the ahmed body's volume away from the air volume
3. Do face meshing on the ahmed body
4. Mesh the volume
5. Running on fluent
6. I use Spalart-Allmaras in my case
7. Set the reference values
- Input Velocity (40 m/s)
- Area (0.112 m sq. for frontal area)
- Length - 1.044 (length of ahmed)
- Density of air - 1.225
8. Initialize and run calculation
9. To compute:
- I go to reports -> forces -> select x-direction -> print
10. By right, if I have set the reference values (like in point 7), the coefficient of pressure that I got in the report is my drag coefficient?

Please do help

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